Fiction: “Kill Switch”
By Henry Szabranski

In amniotic darkness my mind reflowers, configuring itself in new and unfamiliar ways.

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Fiction: “Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On”
By Alex Shvartsman

Boys' nightmares are flashy, but predictable and easy to vanquish.

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Fiction: “Reaching Up, Reaching Back”
By Holly Schofield

I choose my moment carefully.

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Fiction: “The Tears of Bourbon Street”
By Michael M. Jones

It's the final night of Mardi Gras—just a few hours until midnight when Fat Tuesday becomes Ash Wednesday—and Bourbon Street is infested by ghosts.

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Fiction: “Memorial Park”
By Stewart C Baker

It takes a special kind of self-loathing to document a whole life's worth of mistakes, to cross-reference half-heard wishes with forgotten birthdays and work commitments with canceled vacations.

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Editorial: The First Issue Is Here!

We are thrilled to present the premier issue of Constellary Tales (and equally relieved to have its creation behind us).

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Artwork: “Red Alert”
By Sebastian Hue

Sebastien Hue, aka Shue13, is a french digital artist who lives in Paris’ suburbs. Self-taught, he started around 7 years ago when inspired by the likes of Dylan Cole. Sebastien decided to teach himself the ins and outs of digital painting, initially starting out with Photoshop. “I used to make logos for music bands, but I eventually progressed deeper into CG graphics, 3D programs and matte painting.” Sebastien certainly had a hidden talent for imagining spectacular landscapes, a far cry from band logos. He channels his love for science fiction and the diversity of the visual arts straight into his work, seeking to add scale, depth and drama into his intricately detailed designs. After 15 years of experience in international logistics and business, Sebastien decided to make a U-turn in is career. After a hard transition of two years, he eventually became professional concept artist in 2013, founding is own freelance studio Shue-Digital and establishing many international clients in publishing, gaming, and the film industry. Find his work at