Editorial: Constellary Tales Has Launched

The first rocket is away for Constellary Tales, a new SF1 magazine and podcast!

The online magazine is officially open for business – we welcome submissions of speculative short stories from established and new writers alike and pay pro rates. Episode one of our monthly podcast is available for download.

The magazine

Named in homage to the master work of Geoffrey Chaucer, Constellary Tales casts the centuries-old tradition of storytelling across time and space. Our editorial mission is to find and share great speculative fiction stories that are, above all, simply great stories. (Prose can be stylish, but it doesn’t have to be. Characters can be complex, except when a story demands them to be painted with a coarse brush. But a driving narrative is a sine qua non.)

We love SF stories that carry characters from their beginning to their end. That take the reader along on the journey of discovery (or loss, or redemption, or whatever). And of course, they have to be speculative. The name “Constellary” betrays our love for science fiction, but we’re fans of fantasy too.

We look forward to sharing our first issue later in 2018.

The podcast

The two of us have had discussions about SF dating back to the 1970s. We are brothers who shared a bedroom as kids, and when we weren’t at each others throats, we were sharing our marvel about A Wrinkle in Time, The Phantom Tollbooth, and Star Wars. (OK, we were dumb kids and maybe also marveled at V and Manimal.)

Our podcast discussions, hopefully a little more matured, will take some deep dives into SF on the page and the screen and address (not too seriously) how SF intersects culture and society. We are lining up interviews with writers and others in the SF world as well. Listen now.

We’re also excited about our upcoming magazine/podcast tie-ins. Future podcasts will feature professionally-read performances of selected stories from Constellary Tales magazine paired with author interviews. We think this look behind the curtain of the creative process will be of great interest for readers and writers alike.

We welcome your comments as we begin this voyage. Thanks for taking it with us!

Brian Hirt and Ken Gerber
Co-publishers and Co-editors in Chief

1. Assume throughout Constellary Tales that “SF” means speculative fiction. We know, we know…



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