Editorial: The First Issue Is Here!

We are thrilled to present the premier issue of Constellary Tales (and equally relieved to have its creation behind us).

For Issue #1 we received hundreds of submissions—an embarrassment of riches—and from those we found five stories with a little bit of everything that makes SF great: hard science fiction, urban fantasy, traditional SF tropes turned sideways, and even the dreamlike fantastic. We hope these tales will fascinate, thrill, or even touch a nerve. In some cases, they may make your heart ache just a bit.

We thank the five authors featured in this first issue, the artist who provided the spectacular image gracing our cover, and our editorial team for carrying this with us from drawing board to launching pad.

And, of course, we’re just getting started.

We are busy working on Issue #2 (slated for February 2019) and are humming along with our monthly podcasts, soon to include guests from the SF world, narrated stories from the pages of Constellary Tales, and interviews with our authors.

While we’re working on that, we hope you’ll pull up a comfortable chair and read this issue of Constellary Tales.

And if you enjoy these stories as much as we do, share!

Brian Hirt and Ken Gerber
Co-publishers and Co-editors in Chief


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