Fiction: “Ambassador”
By Michael Adam Robson

The colony's internal war crawled on, with neither side growing the upper tendril.

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Fiction: “A Scent of Roses”
By Keyan Bowes

Other houses in the village smelled of spices, of the grassy mud plastered freshly each week on the courtyard walls, of clothes drying in the wind.

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Fiction: “Para Bellum”
By Scott Shank

A new star appeared between the moons of Szent Amnesztia.

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Fiction: “Streetlight Discovers Kandinsky”
By Beth Goder

The woman in the red sweater leaned against Streetlight and pulled out her sketchpad.

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Fiction: “The Archmage's Invitation”
By Deborah L. Davitt

When you're invited to join an archmage on his airship, you don't say no.

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Editorial: Three Months Have Flown By

Issue 2 of Constellary Tales is out the door, featuring five exciting new SF stories and original artwork.

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Artwork: “Alien Cave”
By Anton Sander

Anton Sander is an environment artist based in Malmö, Sweden. He currently works as a junior level artist at Massive Entertainment, an Ubisoft Studio. Learn more at